Game release = beta 3?

Too much bugs (first Necron mission in Agripynaa crashes with Fatal Error, I managed to delay error by identifying half of wrecks, but when there are more of them, Fatal Error still occurs). Some descriptions aren't accurate (like 60% crit chance, when I always had crit chance from boarding actions). Check steam forums - a lot of reports about unbalanced missions, errors and just dissapointment from majority.

Sorry Tindalos, I won't buy any more DLC or any of your next games. You fucked Etherium, BFGA1 and now BFGA2 is in same horrible state.

Yeah that necron mission in agrippina is pretty brutal

Unfortunately yes. faced the same problem in Nector campaign in Agripinaa sector main mission, guess must wait for a next patch and hope that they will fix it asap

I managed to end that damn first necron mission at Agripinaa by not setting game speed to 300%.

@existor I started it with something like 3 cruiser, couldn't complete it, my ships get emptied all the time. Reloaded an earlier save, will go back to agrippina when I have a better fleet.