little feature i would like to see

Hey !
small details i would like to see in the game

  • Weapon inspection button example : cs:go , escape from tarkov
  • Less bright eotech sight , hard to see through sometimes.

another question . What happened to the glock ? 😞

otherwise this game is awsome !


I guess glock will be definitely added in future updates.

Weapon inspection... not sure, I think it’s useless when there are no skins in the game. What you’re going to inspect? However, weapon models in Insurgency look really great... but still, not a number 1 priority for the current game.

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Couldn't agree more about the eotech brightness. It's hard to see through, the light blocks the view.
Kobra sights have that problem too, even though due to its shape it has less of an impact on aim. It's still not as beautiful and realistic as it should be, though.

EOTech brightness: yes, absolutely, I'd love to see this fixed.

Weapon inspection: the closest thing I can think of that makes any sense would be an animation for a press / chamber check. Not really necessary at all, but it would be a kinda cool feature to add a year down the road when the game runs great and all the bugs are worked out.

@popscycle said in little feature i would like to see:

another question . What happened to the glock ? 😞

Officially: it was pulled to rework the textures ... which seems suspicious.

More suspicious: among the guns teased to be added to the game at a later date is the "PF940" - a 3rd party, unlicensed, build-at-home 80% Glock pistol frame.

My guess is that NWI was contacted by Glock's lawyers about their use of the pistol in the game.

I can't wait for mod support so people can fix the optics. In the meantime, a brightness and/or sharpness option would be nice.