Ork tractor kannon

Don't know how many of you have gone up against it but the ork tractor Kannon is a way to power due to it having a ridiculously short cooldown (seems to be around 20 seconds) this makes Eldar completely unable to attack to attack due to the tractor Kannon often resulting in a dead ship of 1 use due to pulling into boarding range and shutting down hollo fields etc essentially its instant win against all eldar. I have even seen an imperial torp/ ram build unable to ram at all with a battleship as the tractor can push it back faster than it can move forward by the time it comes of cooldown meaning the imperial battleship is constantly stuck.

I am not saying for this skill to be removed as its pretty important for dealing with kiteing and hit and run play but I do have 2 suggestion
1: greatly increase the cooldown as atm it's an ability to use whenever its off cooldown and there is no point using it at key moments as it seems to be always of cooldown making it have to skill to actually use effectively.
2: make it a pull/push in direction over 1 burst rather than a constant lock that you cannot get out of asides from a micro jump

Would be interested to see how others feel about this ability (although I don't think many have come across it yet)

it can only used in a 90 degree cone frontwards, so that is something eldar have to keep in mind.

It doesn't disable holos.

@jamodon it slows you so holo does not work anymore

@fosil true but its not just eldar it effects along with being a really fast cool down

he talked about pulling stuff into boarding range and board-critting the holos.

PS: how long is the CD exactly?

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@fosil not sure what you mean by how long is CD

CD = cooldown. I am not playing orks.

@fosil ah sry, I am not either but it seems very fast around 30 seconds or less

As mentioned allready avoid the Front arc, Ork ships cant manouver that fast and TC is only mounted on the flag ship