you fucked up tyranids beyond playability

being outnumbered 3/1 vs every faction in the game sure is fun
its not like tyranids needed a certain weapon to herd enemies
its not like you dont need interceptors offensively vs a certain faction
its not like you have a faction with a giant hole in their lineup that requires you to sacrifice ships for a single risky attack
its not like you took advice from someone who didnt even play the faction or knew its mechanics while ignoring the objections from the people who did
its not like that person also claimed the boarding mechanic would be juuuust fine
and its not like that mechanic is now the basis of a lot of the problems in the current mechanic
its not like people will ever learn a lesson

wtf is this faction supposed to be doing now?

This is the Technical feedback mate you should probably post this in the faction feedback in general feedback.

@ashardalon said in you fucked up tyranids beyond playability:

wtf is this faction supposed to be doing now?

They are pretty good at feeding ladder points XD

it is technical feedback that tyranids are unplayable vs eldar
so when you meet them in the campaign you hit a brick wall as you dont have devourers, the only viable tyranid ship, yet
thats pretty technical as its simple math the devs should be able to see

@Pt-C most matches I had in the last days are against very inexperienced players. something you should have noticed too, if you know what you are writing about. maybe tell us about your build and how it is supposed to work, after tindalos nerfed nid hangars pretty hard.

so tentacle + boarding and/or claws. do you think the price increase for non-carriers nids was necessary?

@fosil Second nerf?NO!
I think some other faction should be nerf,such as some faction can take too many boats, like two BS+a BC or some other,nids look like between the ork and the eldar,but nids is week and slow without skills.Think of this as Gandalf, ‘’battle mage‘’.

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@pt-c how do you melee craftworlders?
as soon as you rush for the jaws you are completely open and unable to defend against the inevitable torp run that will ruin a ship beyond usability
all that for doing pathetic damage with the initial ram and eldar often outnumbering you
meanwhile it being close to impossible to really disable their movement with the number of sails they have

craftwordlers seem like a autolose to me even if i am able to sneak up and prepare the ambush
nids would need somekind of lesser 2k rush tied to their high energy turn to make it even possible to survive it

and then there is the ridiculous crit rate tied to torps so that even if you somehow dodge most and get your ship out alive there is a 90% chance that you have a permacritted jaw so you are stuck with rediculous broadside pyros

@ashardalon I'm not going to go head-to-head with anybody,only side or back attack,I will never face the ork face to face,especially meteorites,made firing or gnaw or boarding or tentacle or some else reduce their crew as much as possible.Since some player features or flagship features will reduce morale immunity, I'm not going to reduce their morale.

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