Three things that spoil this great game
  1. No ship transfer between fleets in campain- IT'S RIDICULOUS!!! What was even the reason behind this decision? I'm not playing campaign until it's fixed
  2. Stupid AI of Necron ships in campaign (maybe in multiplayer too, never played them online), makes your ships collide all the time
  3. No real ship/fleet leveling in multiplayer- it sucks!
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I cannot agree enough with the first one. I actually never played BG1 but figured id get on board with the amazing storytelling and total war like thing, and started cheerfully playing assuming I would be able to transfer ships around. Now i realised i waste all my resources in the wrong place so im restarting the campaign. Please devs, add this feature! Even if you need a compensating control (like ships must be in the same system to transfer, because they need the fleet commanders experienced astropath to move between systems with the warp the state it is in, etc etc etc) or at least on the easier difficulty so noobs like me who made the "wrong" choices at the beginning dont have ot restart the campaign. I work for a living, I cant pour hours and hours into re-doing everything :(. Im too green to have an opinion on the other two, but seriously we need to be able to swap ships around etc, especially as we play and learn the game and realise we need a different fleet composition than I clicked on randomly on release day.

@yama_383 Couldn't agree more. Literally every turn based space sim i've ever played let you transfer ships between fleets. The lack of individual ship progression (speccing the crew, upgrades) is a complete step backward and just comes off as lazy.