[not a bug, spoiler, user tags] Agripinaa sector bug

In the Agripinaa sector it says that i have 13/14 planets, even though i dont see any and i have systems under my control.
could this be because of a story mission i havent unlocked yet or is it because im about to suffer an invasion from pirates?

UPDATED: its not a bug

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yeah..I noticed to same...was counting all the systems in both views 3 times....maybe there is a hidden chaos cow or chaos squat level in Agripinaa? 🙂

@exard3k could be alpha legion, they might be hiding an entire solar system

Was just about to post this. Hope somebody else knows what's up.

Even the first sector of the necron campaign is affected by the same bug. It says that I don't control 2 planets, but I have all of them.

I don't think it's a bug. Probably a gated system that only becomes available later in the campaign.

Can confirm now, just keep playing the campaign.

If its a hidden system then it needs to be 13/13 systems controlled to get the bonus, and THEN updates to 14/14 when the new one is revealed. Doesn't make a lot of sense otherwise, and is obviously confusing to players.