[Complete game freeze] When returning to main menu or when trying to start campaign


For some reason when ever I try to start the prologue, the game just freezes when the cut scene ends or when I try to skip it, when that happens I am forced to quit the game through the task manager.

I am able to play skirmish missions but when I try to return to the main menu the game freezes and I have to close it again through the task manager.

So I basically can only play the skirmish mode, campaign will not work at all, I have tried reinstalling and turning off my antivirus but none of those options have worked so far. I have attached my Dxdiag to the post.

Tried reinstalling again and on to an SSD, I still cant get past the prologue cut scene with out the game completely freezing.

Is there an email available to contact technical support directly?

J have the same please write answer when you will receive information from support.

Tried to play while not connected to the internet or your're servers, and it works.
I was able to start a campaign with out any issues.

It seems like you're DRM is stopping people that paid money from being able to play the campaign.


Still did not receive any information. The only way around this problem is to disconnect from the internet when ever you try to start a campaign, return to the main menu or start a battle on the campaign map.

Once you are in a battle or on the campaign map you can reconnect to the internet. The game will always freeze when you are connected.

@ninebreaker I remember this issue from beta, it was caused by having files left over from previous beta versions. Did you participate in the preorder or closed betas?


I was in the last two betas that came with the pre order, I did try reinstalling it 3 times and on different hard drives, if that is the problem I am guessing there are files left over somewhere else.

@ninebreaker Try to delete everything save for the save files in this folder: C/Users/YourUsername/AppData(usually a hidden folder)/Local/BattlefleetGothic2. This helped a few people during the betas.


Sadly deleting the contents of that folder did not work.

Still can't play the game while connected to the internet.

Hey @NineBreaker
Sorry for the late reply. We checked your DxDiag, and it seems you need to update your nvidia graphics driver. Could you please do that and let us know if it worked? Thanks!

I updated the driver to 418.91 and it still didn't work. I am able to play but only if I am not connected to the internet, I don't think this has something to do with the drivers. If my PC is connected to the internet the game will freeze when returning to the main menu or when I try to load a battle, but when I am offline its completely fine.

Okay, the problem might be related to EAC then. Please try following these steps:

  1. Run Steam and click LIBRARY.
  2. Right click on Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II > Properties.
  3. Click the LOCAL FILES tab and click on the BROWSE LOCAL FILES button.
  4. Open the EasyAntiCheat folder and run the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe application.
  5. Select Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 and click on the Repair Service button.

Also, please try verifying your game files on steam:

  1. Right click your game in the library
  2. Click properties
  3. Click the Local Files Tab
  4. Verify Integrity of game files

Please let us know if it works! 🙂

Sadly neither option worked, tried them a bunch of times.

So I have returned to the game 5 months after buying it and I still cannot play while connected to the internet, the game will still completely freeze on cut scenes, when loading battle and when returning to the main menu from the battle menu and to be honest I am convinced this is being caused by the DRM. I have even formatted my PC in the past 5 months and I still face this issue.

Are there any solutions or fixes?

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