Chaos too weak?

Hello everyone 😉

Since the game was released i have played quite a few multiplayer matches with various factions to see whats what and while i have been at least moderately successful with most of the factions i am struggling to achieve any victory with Chaos.

Chaos ships seems to be very weak and cost inefficient compared to most other factions and they do not have any special features that would give them edge in a fight (like Space marines and Tyranids with they boarding or Dark eldar with they stealth and high burst damage etc.) except range. But how good is range without decent damage and without some reliable way to keep enemy at distance?

In every fight with any of my chaos fleets i am struggling to do any damage and i am always just outgunned by the enemy.

So i would like to ask all of you if you have same experience with this faction and the Chaos is really that bad or if i am missing something and there is some hidden strength to chaos or same kind of tactic that is needed to achieve victory.

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1.: Chaos is a kiting, long range fleet.

2.: Chaos is in a bad state right now, as it relies mostly on lances doing the damage, and lances are rather weak at the moment.

3.: Their light carriers are decent though, try kiting and using light carriers.

The trick with chaos is tot directly engage the enemy, their strengths are from staying at a distance and firing with their lances outside of most other enemies ranges. To that end, you can build them toward being carrier fleets and using fights and bombers to kill ships; or using lances that blast down ships from beyond 13.5k range, and using your escorts and probes to scout targets. You live an die by your engines, so if they get taken out your a goner, but likewise if u kill your opponents engines, they wont ever be able to catch you, and you basically ensure victory.

If the enemy manged to close that gap and crippled your fleet beyond repair,. then use your escorts to cap victory points and wait them out that way.

Chaos become incredibly powerful at lvl 10 with slaanesh or nurgle favor. Prior to that they are an OK faction with décent choices but weaker than SM or DE

@Beernchips don't know much about nurgle's ability, but Slaanesh Promise makes chaos incredibly powerful, wat? In 10 seconds you barely will be able to scratch painting from enemy vessel, not mentioning, that you need to get close to actually cover some decent numbers of enemy ships.

Slaanesh instant stop enemy ships at 9k range it includes nids during their rush. It is a defensive skill without ammo limit. Bonus vs eldar it removes holofields

@Beernchips it's a good skill, I'm using it myself, but it's not a big deal when you can't do much in those 10 seconds.

@hjalfnar_hgv said in Chaos too weak?:

1.: Chaos is a kiting, long range fleet.

2.: Chaos is in a bad state right now, as it relies mostly on lances doing the damage, and lances are rather weak at the moment.

3.: Their light carriers are decent though, try kiting and using light carriers.

"Kiting"?! Kiting you say?! But...but that is not the way to make Khorne proud!!!

But now seriously... of course i have tried to keep distance and kite the enemy as possible but those chaos cruisers are not much faster than most of other faction ships so unless i do some kind of scumbagery like massive escort spam i cant stay away from them forever and even in long range combat chaos cant do much because those weapons just dont do that much damage.

As for carriers...i dont find them very reliable since from my experience enemies usually can kite them and shoot them down pretty effectively in most cases.

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@Aikki Chaos ships are faster than any other equivalent class (except SM which have same speed and Eldar which are faster)

@Kavabingo 10 seconds on which youcan full ahead far from the SM/Nid or 10 second which you can close vs the Eldar or 10 sec on which you can use ur macro + AP skill.
It is not making Chaos OP but it is still a nice tool. Problem is that Slaanesh + lvl 10 shouldn t be the only viable Chaos build.
Nurgle skill make aoe of 10 damage around flagship + 2HP heal of friendly ship (Better than Necron scarabs just to tease Necrons friends 🙂 ). Good on paper vs anything not eldar (never at close range) or Nid (will eat you too fast). Khorne is just assault crit and Tzeentch can be worth with long range fleet to break the identification but didn t try yet

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carriers work best point-blank. the stun helps alot in that regard.

@Fosil Slaanesh disable turrets? I don t remember if thats the case

Just now had a very nice 2vs2 battle against space marine and drukkari, when space marine on 3 Strike Crusers mk II, which costs 178 points per ship, shot 3 boarding torpedoes at one Repulsive, which costs 230 points, and downed it to 2 yellow troops. Then he shot another three torpedoes, and downed the second one. So, he had won by pressing a T-button two times. I think we need another lance nerf.

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The major problem is the doubling of the hit points. It take too long to take out a ship with normal weapons! When an escort is sieging one of your strategic points it is nearly impossible to take it out from afar, even with your whole fleet firing at it, before it steals the point from you.

@beernchips tooltip says it does. I don't run carriers/torpedos to check it.