Just recently started a coop campaign as the guest for the 1st campaign. On our second battle at turn 6 we attack again and there are too many ships to deploy on both sides. after we destroy the chaos ships the 'backup' ship that wasn't deployed at first spawns for my friend (the host). It doesn't show up on the minimap, as an unknown ship, or in visual range. Ships set to auto pilot are able to target it and bombs deployed by me are able to affect it. I also noticed that when lightning strikes target him (from my hosts ships) they seemed to be targeting behind chaos deployment area. To back this up, when the ships under my command were targeting it, their lock on line went straight to the deployment area as well. We were able to win, but the screen showed defeat for me and victory for my host. In the post battle screen it showed that we both won and beat the enemy, so it isn't crippling, but very confusing.