If, on any of these points I'm missing something, please let me know because I'm really struggling with the campaign because of the fleet management system.


1: Ships are not transferable from fleet to fleet. This is absolutely terrible. As an example, in the campaign right now, I have 2 Mechanicus fleets; one with an admiral I purchased, intending to build him a fleet on the next turn, and one that, from one turn to the next, lost it's admiral. I cannot just merge the fleets: I have to either buy a whole new admiral (that I probably won't really like that much and/or a ship that I don't want that the admiral comes with) for the fleet that just lost their admiral, or scuttle the fleet with two veteran ships, then re-build them at extreme expense in the fleet of the admiral I just bought last turn just so that I can have a real fleet. Not being able to merge fleets is ludicrous.

2: speaking of admirals, admirals have no customization and shouldn't come with a ship. I'm fine with them coming with random abilities. In the first game, you upgraded your ship in fairly optimal paths, and they didn't want that so they devised this new system of random admirals. I like it less, but that's beside the point. What frustrates me far more, is if I want X admiral, but he comes in a ship class I don't like that doesn't fit my doctrine, I have to scuttle the ship which is absurd, or change completely what I want to do with a given fleet because:

3: Ships cannot be transferred from fleet to fleet. This is kind of like 1, but different. If I have a ship that doesn't belong in a fleet for one reason or another (changed what I wanted to do with that fleet, unlocked larger ships, etc), I can't shed ships from, say, my Admiral Spire fleet to a secondary Imperial Navy fleet in order to allow me to adjust Spire's fleet, or upgrade it. Instead, I have to scuttle ships.

Scuttling ships is something I should almost never be doing unless I have made a mistake. If there wasn't a timer on the campaign I could understand this mechanic as simply a money sink to keep you from amassing amazing fleets and only attacking once you have the perfect setup, but there's already a timer, and wasting tons of money by scuttling ships because you have to once you unlock new cool stuff is REALLY TERRIBLE.

Now arguably, you get more fleet cap as you go, and you can, once new ships are unlocked, just make a new fleet for your bigger toys, but, back to our old buddy Spire, he's a great admiral. Micro-warp jump is amazing, plasma bombs are handy, and his secondary abilities are awesome. I want him to be my primary fleet admiral, and he is, I think, supposed to be. But I have to waste so many resources trashing ships in his fleet to get him new bigger ones it's insane.

I'm really enjoying playing the game, but the fleet management, or lack thereof, is destroying the fun of the campaign as I have to constantly slow down and decide whether getting rid of half my ships for a new toy or two is worthwhile.

So, that all said, I've seen that there are one or two other threads over the last month or so touching on this, but I haven't seen much actual conversation about it, or a dev response. Has anyone seen any kind of official response on this topic, or any real discussion about it anywhere they could point me towards?

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