prices are pretty rediculous all around
all of them need a good hard look at instead of just blanket changes or letting an algorithm do it
both their effectiveness and synergy with the fleet they are in, skills and survivability
some examples
cobra compared to widowmaker:
with scan being 13.5k the identification range, which is pretty irrelevant on its own, now has lost all relevance
its even a small negative as it will make your enemy aware a escort is nearby
combine that with it losing its macro ad only having a micro intensive torpedo launcher that fires only 2 so will almost never get past turrets
the widowmaker has, with the scan skill range unrelated to identification range, lost all justification to cost more and has plenty of reason to cost less
yet it still costs more for some reason

a more obvious example
the marine hunter and the bio projectile kraken
the marine has no morale relying on another ships survival
it has twice the torpedoes, both blindfire in a tighter spread and homing boarding torps, both regular damage for escort killing and boarding torps to join in the swarm marines will regularly shoot so will get past turrets with some reliability
(and im pretty sure bio torps are more vulnerable, tho tooltip is missing) combine that with the kraken needing a longer arming distance for its torps then any other torpedo so making the seeming vulnerability of bio torps even worse
add to that the increased speed of the hunter with conventional boost which is far more diverse in its use
and the higher rotation speed the hunter has
the hunter also doesnt need to rely on the environment as it can run silent and it has the boarding skill wich is increadibly powerful on a escort in a boarding fleet as it can easily rehulk a recrewed ship in any direction and trough voids
dont forget the defense turrets, sure 3 isnt much on its own but marines can bring a lot of them and they will safely combine with little chanse of interceptors to lower them
and a gun, a small gun but still a gun, the kraken doesnt even have a spore shield
and ofcourse, the scan skill wich is usually the main reason why people bring escorts

... wow thats longer when i started writing that out then i expected
all of that for 2 points

the kraken has more hp, but no shields so cant really count that
and a spore wich will slow a enemy for a few seconds, nowhere near the treat of the darkmatter radius
if you can even pull of the spore explosion instead of it just getting insta lanced
its nice you can explode a pointless escort whenever you want, but its very common that you just wait half a second too much and have what little use you get out of it is lost
and then there is the un-noticeable amount of damage spore fields do

its a example thats obvious, but this goes for all factions for all ships
they need a good long manual review of their cost as currently pricing is in no way logical or comprehensible resulting in ships as twisted as these
without good pricing balance is impossible
without good pricing there will always stay complete noob traps in every list as there are objectively better ships for the price
noob traps are bad design and should be avoided
all ships should have a reason to field
this is currently not the case

hope this points out a problem in the game clearly and it will motivate you to do some manual pricing as whatever system you are using currently just doesnt work

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