Got an idea for to change out reload for Necrons

So playing through Necron campaign and something hit me.

In campaign you are forced to play around with the LC and C class ships in conjunction with your escorts far more than you'd see in a typical skirmish battle. And even as the LDS starts to get half way there, in the 700s and so, you'll still see escorts and LC/C in pretty good number. Hell you'll still be using them yourself.

In these particular fights, Necrons fucking rule. Scarab Swarms, static bombs combo'd to the lightning connection ability. The ball lightning ability. Star bomb. They get a ton of ways to deal with hordes of ships, outnumbering the Necrons by a fair margin is actually quite detrimental. And last but not least, the dispersed lightning arc stance. Have three harvesters in detection range of 6 enemy LCs and watch them cut an enemy fleet in literal half.

But Necron damage output against a single target is the problem. It's as if they were given a million tools to answer hordes and too few to deal with Battleships. Funny considering no Battleship has ever survived the main gun of a Cairn...but you know balance and all that...

I brought up the dispersed lightning arc stance in particular because it's a fun, thematic, and very effective stance. They could replace reload with a stance causing the opposite effect of dispersed lightning arc to try and overcome Necron problems with single targets. Instead of reload, they could have:

Focused Lightning Arc:
- Weapons range -3000
- Weapons and Maneuver skill reload speed +25%
- Standard Weapons reload speed +40%
- Weapons Damage +33%, increased to +50% below 3000 range

In some ways it's identical to the current reload effect. The difference being instead of getting combustion gauge reload speed, they lose weapons range and get added damage. The idea being that when dealing with smaller numbers of really big ships, the Necrons want to get right next to them to maximize their damage. It's only a slight buff really considering how armor works, but it would help a bit.

Losing the reduction on teleport cooldown would not be great for an already slow faction in my opinion.