Dev's take advantage of what you have!!

This game has a potential to draw in the hard-core mil-sim group with simple modifications in regard's to different play style Maps and modes available, they have an unbelievable core game that in many ways "feel's" more realistic than some so-called "realistic" shooters, the developer's can have their cake and eat it to due to the fact that it appeals to the casual player as well as the hard-core ones, i hope they take it in this direction and get a bunch more player's from the mil-sim community,...that is how i found this game, i was looking for 1 other game to play when i wasn't playing Escape from Tarkov, In many way's Sandstorm is more realistic in it's portrayal of the violence of War, EFT,...not so much. Great Game that has the potential to be all thing's to all shooter's fan's.

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In order to play and enjoy Tarkov, you should get a "degree" by watching tons of guides. To enjoy Insurgency you just need to start it and play few coop games, so you'll be familiar with the game. And that's all.

Stop comparing Tarkov and Insurgency. Different games, with different approaches. And seems like Tarkov will be PAY2WIN in a future. I have feeling that Battlestate games will be absorbed by MailRu...

@smoussie i realize that EFT and sandstorm are two very different games, i was just giving a nod to sandstorm for at least their realistic portrayal of War in regards to their damage model, EFT is actually becoming way more complicated than it need's to be,...and it is ruining the game for many, i play Sandstorm BECAUSE it is lighter fare and i can just lay back and enjoy but still feel a little hard-core vibe, i would like a couple maps that emphasize slow play a bit more maybe a "game mode" that rewards tactical play and Sandstorm will be perfect for me, its a great game.

Sorry to say, but Sandstorm is never going to be a MilSim at this state. Unfortunately the devs took a direction towards arcade gameplay, promoting rushing with absolutely zero tactics, claiming they have realistic damage system, where shotgun pellets are stronger than 7.62x51 bullets. Or that 7.62x51 bullets have the exact same damage as 5.56x45. Not to mention the idiotic hitscan + projectile based bullets instead of using just a projectile system. Air support where the A10 Warthog's 30mm bullets (that actually penetrate heavy tank armors) fail to kill hajis. (It's basically a glorified fireworks show at this point)
When I played the beta, the damage system was still not good, but not as bad as it is today. My theory is that a lot of casual gamers picked up on this game due to it's nice graphics and incredible sounds and than the devs changed the direction towards arcade gameplay to appeal for a bigger crowd.

As said, Sandstorm is not a Milsim game and it does not intend to be one. I do play Milsim in ArmA 3 (around +2.7k hours) and I can do my Milsim stuff there. But I can tell you that I and some other Milsim players to like Sandstorm. A lot of popular Milsim games like ArmA 3 have sort of clunky controls and especially cqb always feels a bit awkward in those games.

When I hear or read EFT I always have to laugh, because that game is also not that realistic. Also don't get me started on the overall state of that game and the developers.