tyranid pathing problems

tyranid pathing prevents you from sandwiching a ship between two jaws
if you try the ship just wiggles in place just outside of bite range and refuses to get closer no matter how you order as it doesnt want to get closer to the ship on the other side of the enemy ship
and without conventional boost you are stuck with only biting on one side until you rush, but after the rush one of the two then turns away because it tries to stay further away from the ally ship on the other side presenting its vulnerable side to the enemy ship instead of its jaw
tyranid pathing is currently making it impossible to bite a LC with more then one LC at a time and the same thing happens to a lesser extent to larger ships
even making it try to turn away during a rush sometimes making it smack into things with its sides instead of jaws getting a lot of damage eventho the orders you gave should have had it move in a strait line face first safely into the enemy with no problems
hive ships and devourers also stop and get stuck with more then 1k inbetween their nose and the tail of the ship infront
considering these ships have no conventional boost and are already so vulnerable in the times they need to dodge those kind of pathing is just unacceptable
especially for nids who are supposed to move like a single entity

0_1548409078513_20190125093434_1.jpg 0_1548409093288_20190125093456_1.jpg
it kept on wobbling and refusing to bite down on the eldar i had almost surrounded
that "safety distance" is ridiculous making these ships close to unusable
and its not like nids have a lot of other choices
do you expect me to use guns?

it has been wobbling refusing to follow orders for over 30seconds
this is as close as it got
thats more then a k away from where it should be and it started to refuse from another 750 further back
this isnt imperials on who you can use high energy turns to just correct bad pathing
nids have only one rush and that rush needs to be used sparingly as its their only weapon and their only dodge
the distance at wich they start buggingout is more then a ships with making jaws completely unusable
and its even worse as the trash pathing is also a thing during rushing making them try to turn their jaws away from the thing they are supposed to ram and killing themselves
make tyranids follow orders
they dont have guns, their pathing being followed precisely is their only weapon
its in a horrible state right now