[BugReport/Feedback] Lighting in weapon Loadout glitches out

For some reason, the light that would shine on ur gun when in the loadout glitches out and is no longer there, making it hard to customize and see your attachments.
Note: I also changed the AA [which was TAA], Shadows and Post-Processing Quality settings thinking It could have been them but to little avail. Also doesn't matter what faction is on or class in playing.

ScreenShots/Ingame Settings:
0_1548374064890_20190124233001_1.jpg 0_1548374076764_20190124232821_1.jpg 0_1548374081583_20190124232815_1.jpg 0_1548374084529_20190124232810_1.jpg 0_1548374086867_20190124232757_1.jpg

Anyone else on this forums having this issue?

Hey @GavinGalix,

Thank you for these screenshots. I'll pass this issue on to the team!