I get random crashes every now and then. I never had them in the First Beta and since the second Beta they occur sporadically (sometimes i can play 3, 4 Matches in MP and sometimes it even crashes in the first match after starting the game). The crashes also occur in Singleplayer Campaign and Skirmish against bots.

I also tried to lower the graphic settings to a absurd low level(even with super low resolutions) and they still occur.

I hoped it may got fixed with release version but i still have those crashes.

0_1548362675601_BFG A 2 Crash report.zip

Edit: I hope its ok when i post both crashes in this one Thread, not sure if they are related but here is another crash with different error:
0_1548363865163_BFG A 2 Crash report No. 2.zip

Edit No. 2: I reinstalled DirectX and NetFramework. Completly clean installed my Graphic Drivers.
Still not resolved. It even seems to be worse than Beta 2, i cant finish a single game(just testing Skirmish vs. AI)
In Beta 2 i could sometimes play 2-3 Matches. The issue also just appear INGAME, not in the menu it seems.

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