Bots still shooting through smoke.

As the title says. Bots are still shooting through the smoke. Are there any plans to fix this?

Why would you “fix” sonething thats working correctly? Bots like players when they see you run in or behind smoke try to predict where you will go. Simply running back the way you came will stop this. Bots also have very good hearing if you start shooting in or behind a smoke the can figure out where you are even if there is a smoke there. When in a smoke if you cough bots can hear it and will shoot you. Making smokes just an impenetrable wall that obscures any sort of noise and making bots be stupider is dumb. This would make coop incredibly easy by just having the commander call in smoke, and everyone having 3 smokes and 2 smoke launchers. The bots aren’t cheating they dont have x-ray and your better off having bots with more then 3iq.

No, not really. At close range thats fine. But when its a freshly spawned bot in excess of 100m one shotting you through fresh smoke while you are crouched making no sound and not moving says to me it is clearly not working.