[Bug Report] Player models rendering in with delay ! MUST WATCH HUGE PROBLEM

It'll sometimes happend that player models will not render straight away when you turn your camera on them.
Here is a clip from Goggenator, you'll see that he'll turn the camera to the guy but he'll render with a delay, just after he starts shooting. Play the clip at 0.5x speed you'll clearly see the player model render in with a huge delay. His game is running on an ssd, with a good pc and internet conection.
It's a MASSIVE PROBLEM that must be solved quickly !

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in the time he looked away I could have sidestepped into view already ads'ed and fired.

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@max80 If you look at the clip in O.5x speed you see that the player model just pop in late.
I got some more clips if you want to see more unrendered players shooting, this sh*t happend more than you think dude, just hard to realize when you don't have twitch clips to rewatch the action.

If think it may be caused by some optimisation they've done in the update from end of december.
They must have made so player models go unrendered when they are not in your line of sight to boost performance, but now it makes them render in with delay and causes even bigger problems.

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uh! this explains a few weird encounters I've had....
I though i was losing my mind... nope. game just renders the enemy players a bit too late!

Hello lads!

Thank you for sharing this with us. I'll pass the videos on to the team!