[Report cheat]OM-NOM-NOM is boarding action cheater

One of the tyranids player OM-NOM-NOM just use 1 boarding action wiped out my entire crew of 84,If a upset PVP game has a cheater, your know the consequences!0_1548337038441_20190124212643_1.jpg
And I'm tyranids player,I know boarding action how work0_1548337296858_20190124213852_1.jpg
By the way,easyanticheat just useless!!!
One:Officials can view data from previous RACES,if true, ban OM-NOM-NOM,the best contact valve ban it.
Two:If official ignore this cheat,then you'll be next OVERKILL's The Walking Dead's publisher.
Three:Anyone who sees anyone cheating should report it immediately and have the official records checked.
I don't want this game to have fewer players but more cheating, if your officials want to.

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If you want to prevent cheating, don't waste your money on easyanticheat!

I hope the authorities will take note of this kind of cheating, even if it is not illegal.
And I hope LaoWai gets the point,Hack≠Cheat,Cheating is a disgrace to hackers.

Hello @Pt-C,

Thanks for pointing this out. Do you happen to have a video regarding this issue, please?

@chaton I can't anticipate this kind of thing happening, and I'm not an anchor, so I'll shoot video and pictures next time I meet someone.
Of course you'd better check the match log.

What I recommend, if you've got an nvidia card in your computer, is turning on instant replay from Shadowplay. That way, at the press of a button you can save the last 5 - 30 minutes (depending on how you set it), so you won't have to actively record, but can still save it if you do something worth recording!

Also, I've fought against you before, you wrecked me I think 😮

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@chaton If you guys added a replay feature this would be a easier ordeal apon all of us...

@pt-c I think you are not understanding some game mechanics. Tyranids can instantly deboard any ship in the game with a few of their carrier assault boats.

I dont think he is using a boarding cheat, I think you misunderstood what you saw and are greatly overreacting. You should not call people out as cheaters like this without any proof....

@cowgomoo He just use once boarding to eliminate the 84 crew,can anyone do that?!
And I played second beta 60h,dude,dont washing coal ball.
If anyone just drive a full crew BS,abrupt,a boat came out on the other side,direct 0 crew,do you think it's possible?
I haven't seen it in a long time in the legend section.

And now I'll in order to preserve the evidencekeep open shadowplay,I'd like to thank you again. @zucadragon