Reading the patch notes, I can only feel a bit underwhelmed regarding the carrier fleet changes.


I've been playing since beta 1, and after a very fun beta 1 where ramming was fun and carriers where kinda not that killer, beta 2 came as a weird shock. Ramming was reduced to a Mother's caress where the only way to actually use a brute force attack was to awkwardly have 2 ships grind an enemy ship, and then suddenly I could see carrier fleets almost every third game. I ran only an imperial navy fleet, but I experienced fighting against all the fleets out there. I posted a few times here about balancing issues and such. Happy to see that now you cannot use 1300 worth of ships anymore.

But this brings us to the release day patches. As a nerf to the nomnids and to the dark Eldar, you reduced the squad sizes of fighters for tyranids and for the Dark Eldar you removed the cruiser spam (thank the emperor). But these changes feel a bit underwhelmed, and could lead to the same problems. Having still a high dodge chance won't matter too much if you deal with 64 nids fighter or 48 in one squad salvo. There were no changes to the torpedoes, no balancing for orks cruiser madness, and ramming feels like a pillow fight.

I understood from your release day patch, that you will continue to Polish it and improve the game play, which I really hope and I am happy that you intend to do, but maybe it would be of value to not check win rate per faction as you did on your 18th of January post, but maybe look into fleet compositions and see how different faction create different play styles inside that faction.

This is the end of my rant, and I wish to say that I had so much fun just playing some Battlefleet Gothic on a cold winter day. Still would recommend this game.

carrier fleets honestly arent that strong though... ever played tau merchant? pretty easy to cheese with smurfs or ramspam + spur

there is an exception of course to tyrannid and drukhari carriers which are OP

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Reads patch notes and cries in necrontyr

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@gbem Ram spam? Merchant fleet? Brace for impact?

even with brace for impact 3-5x cruisers and a battleship ramming your ship ends up in a very painful situation for whatever gets rammed since ramming + opening with macroes at close range devastates the large slow tau merch battleships with ease...

protector on the other hand.... expect to lose a ship or 2 before you can connect the ram...

nids now have the worst carriers in the game
stop calling them op

just move away from the ordnance
my grandmother can outrun them
so your turrets are more then enough

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