I played bfga1 from when it was out, and decided to buy bfga2 to start on beta2, so here are my thoughts. I did read some other posts, and I might repeat some here, so here we go.

First and formost, the game is waayyyy less buggy than first game, so far i've "only" seen 3 bugs :

  • First, when going into the "create a custom fleet" screen with the space marines factions, somehow the game randomly froze and task manager says it has no response.
  • Second, going into a game and UI doesn't load, game goes on, but you can't do anything but moving ship around.
  • Some 2v2 match-ups crash

Second, progression, cutomisation and fleet selection :

  • I dislike the progression system of the game where you have to unlock the skills (and it requires quit alot of battles for that) since it can lock your fleet to be optimal before a long time. I think I prefered game 1 with unlocking points and ships (minus the renown required for repairing) to progress through
  • I regret that customisation is gone, has it offered many options to choose from and different approach. I would have liked them even if they come with some additionnal fleet points (minus individual ship leveling).
  • I also regret that skills are only available for the Admiral ship, they offered many options, and having to choose several ones allowed to mix them up. Even if it is only 1 charge or so per ship, or maybe additionnal points.
  • and I think it's bad for ranked mod not to show what opponent you fight, since it ends up on being "only take the most optimal fleet against any faction" kind of thing, which is basically asking tryharding players to only play the one stronger faction that has the less counter and/or the most power against all others.
  • all the above points can be easily rounded up by having a 1v1, 2v2 non-ranked queue, and the ranked queue would be only available for lvl X+ admirals.
  • I still like fleet points more than before overall

During battle, and balance-wise :

  • Gib my Imperial battleships high energy turn (ok this is only my QoL request)
  • I felt like assaulting troops is too effective
  • criticals also looked too effective
  • I don't dislike the capture point that much, but I think it favors abit some spammy or really fast factions.
  • Hull damaging factions or strategies feel weaker. (Broadside Imperial Navy, non-homing torpedoes , or Corsair Lazor beams for example)
  • rip AI
  • I regret game mods even if they would only appear in non-ranked battles and campaign.
  • I do like most new mechanics, stats and the battles feel more satisfying than first game.

I think that sums it up for me, feel free to comment on any point.

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