Fatal Error during startup

I've been experiencing crashes right after starting the game before I am able to get to the main menu. I get an error that says Fatal Error! and in the upper border of the error box it says "The UE4-BattlefleetGothic2 Game has crashed ans will....".

I've tried running the game as administrator, I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling both the game and UE4. I've updated my graphics driver, and I've run troubleshoot compatibility mode. Sadly none of these seem to work. Attached are screen shots, multiple crash logs, and a dxdiag.0_1548297545684_BFGA2.7z

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My friend had the same issue: for him, the intel driver wasn't updating as it should have, and he manually had to do it.

I'd say make sure all drivers are updated, but it looks like you may have done that.

Devs got back to him to help him fix it, so here's to hoping that you'll get yours fixed asap!

Its something that been around since the first Beta i had had it myself and tried pretty much everything. so it seams its a case of hope and pray for a fix

@lord-commissar Well I got the game as an early birthday gift from a friend through Steam so I'm going to give them the two weeks that Steam allows but if it isn't fixed by then I'll have to return it.