freeaim while ads

If you've ever played rising storm 2 you know that there is an option that enables you to let you free aim while ads, can that be implemented somehow?


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Why would anyone want to do this? It's just harder to aim. There's a reason people use sights.

@cyoce i dont think you understood what i meant by that. You still aim, but the ironsights aren't fixed to the center of the screen. They move a bit around the center.

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@skully172 I understand. Why would you want to do that? There's a reason people prefer iron sights to hip firing with a laser. It's easier to have your gun centered so when you move your camera, your gun moves the same amount.

It looks kinda cool but Im not sure if it would be that nice to use. IDK I've never seen a system like it.

@zucchini red orchestra 2 has it, it works very well, it's how the aiming system works by default on that game

@cyoce Most people would prefer normal ADS, but some just like the free aim. Doesn’t hurt to give people the option to use it.

It can be a immersive feature but I don't think its good for any fps that has a more competitive mindset to it.