Beta 2 thoughts

Having played the second beta I have noticed that none of the problems that were in the first beta have been addressed. I was hoping some of these would have. Also several promised features haven't been implemented. I really would love to hear from the dev's on these issues as right now I'm thinking of asking for a refund.

Below is a copy of my first beta test post. All issues remain.

Been playing the game a bit and have a few thoughts on some features/ lack of features and so on.

First most of the factions don't feel Fleshed out, simply put with the exception of the Imperium, Chaos, and Nids all of the other factions feel lacking. Most hard hit are the Necrons and Mechanicus. Consider merging the Tau fleets too with the Battleships from the merchant fleet changed to grand cruisers cause right now they are under-powered. The problem of fleet diversity is compounded by the next problem. It should not be hard to add new ships to the other factions, if you don't have ones that fit make some up.

Lack of diversity. Too many ships in the game are to alike. For the most part except for weapons all ships in a class of a given race have the exact same stats. Please devs change this up I want there to be more to choosing a a ship than its weapons. Again this problem is made worse by the next issue.

Lack of customization. Frankly the one part of the last game I liked most was the ability to customize your ships their captain skills and upgrades. Now both the skills and upgrades are fleetwide and this is a big mistake. You really have to have the ability to synergize the skills and upgrades with the ship or else all we are going to see in multiplayer fleets composed of the exact same ship class. Also the sub-factions have absolutely no effect on gameplay and that was something that was promised in the deb blogs so it better effect not just some modifiers but real differences like upgrade and skills choices and even ship classes available.

As you can see from the first three items in this post that a lot of the problems compound each other and unfortunately will kill the game if this is the release state. Frankly I'm returning my copy if these issues aren't fixed. Given the game was delayed 4 months I'm rather disappointed at the readiness of the game, this is what I expected the ALPHA to look like not the Beta with a month to go to release.

Further more Larger battles and ships for them such as Titanic class ships were promised. Outside of a few campaign models there are no such ships. And the battles are the same size as the ones in the original BFG. The maps also appear to be the same size.

Below are some minor issues that I have discovered.
Eldar don't use lascannons, their called brightlances
Dark Eldar call their lances Darklances (did C.S. Goto write this?)
the middle mouse to turn doesn't work and re0keying it doesn't work
The Hud is very not user friendly and in my opinion is worse than the original. (example: the mini map is in the upper right corner of the screen whereas most games it is in the lower right.)

@lucinator you don't know too much about licensing and especially not about licensing from Games Workshop, do you?

1.: They ARE fleshed out. The devs got the unique "go and make something up" from Games Workshop, who are the owners of the BFG license. And damn, they don't allow devs to make new stuff up like...well, never?! The Drukhari are almost completely made up as far as I know, so is the Vanguard for the Space Marines and quite a few other ships. That they were even allowed to bring this in is pretty unique!

2.: They can't. Because of what I said above.

3.: Honestly the customization options in the last game were too much, and also not in line with the lore for most stuff. I like the new system better, but I would love to see more visual customization.

As you can see from the first three items you should refund the game because you are daydreaming about stuff that just can't happen and you were a fool if you expected them to.

Larger battles are there, so are titanic vessels...and the devs said from the very beginning those would only be playable in the campaigns. The maps actually are bigger, just as the fleets. But only slightly, and the feel more cramped because of more ships with higher range on them.

For the minor issues:
Actually they do. They are called Bright Lances.
They do.
It's far more in line with tactical games like the Total War series and the C&C series. Though I admit StarCraft 2 and Company of Heroes 2 have the minimap in the lower left. No idea which tactical-strategical game does have the minimap in the lower right. oO Anyways, I am used to the UI as I am a huge TW and C&C fan, so it#s more a thing of personal preference, I guess.

@hjalfnar_hgv They didn't make up anything new for the Necrons though. The reaper, cartouche, and kopesh all existed, and had actual models, instead of just being copy pasted shrouds. They gave the druhkari seventeen new ships but the necrons nothing, they didn't even bring them up to the bar of 11 ships/variants like everyone else.

As far as I know they only made new ships for the dark eldars because in the TT they only had 2 ships!

The other factions should replicate their respective TT codexes.

I agree though, the Necrons roster feels very skinny.

@adm_janus They made seventeen of them though. Thats twice the entire necron roster. If you had seventeen new ship slots, giving 3 of them to the necrons would get them to the minimum any other race has of eleven, and makes more sense because no one was hyping the dark eldar. Instead they got nothing, and didn't even get all their weapons from table top, like the super scarab bombers or energy drain.

no you can easily add ships, they have permission, and dear god most of the fleets need it. All of the other points have not been addressed. If a dev is reading this I would love to understand the mindset and to know if any of these defects will be addressed?

@lucinator naw hes right its really hard to add new things when dealing with GW the main reason for this is that all of these ships represent models they make and sell for Table top games. the fact that they were able to flesh out the drukhari was certainly a one off and a very rare one at that. If i had to venture a guess i would probably say that the reason they were given the go ahead for new ships is because GW is putting out feelers to see just how popular druhkari are for their future lore/model operations.


doubt it since BFG was a forge world thing, Also most of the tau fleet is made up as are others. It would not be hard to add more models and for gameplay purposes many fleets need more fleshing out.

@lucinator with the horus heresy stuff finally coming to a definite end GW is looking to focus harder/create new story arcs, so i wouldnt be suprised if they are entertaining the idea of expanding what they have for BFG as a table top and moving towards more current events. from what i remember there hasnt been any new models sold since like 2013 or something like that. But we will see either way GW is very restrictive in everything they license, these guys couldnt even put out a statement on the campaign elements until GW signed off on it and that was only a month or so ago.

@lucinator BFG was a full-blown GW specialist system, I have played it for 6 years. Forge World (which is a GW company, just saying) was allowed to do new BFG models for the Tau, and wrote some newer rules. That's it.

As an example, you know the Total War: Warhammer games by SEGA and Creative Assembly? Full AAA titles, with tons of money behind them AND they are the most successful TW games of all times. They weren't allowed to add a single unit that did not already exist in the lore, in the rules, in some rules expansions from the White Dwarf etc. And the Warhammer Fantasy Battles tabletop system is DEAD. They don't sell it anymore. Tindalos and Focus are much, much smaller, so the Dark Eldar ships are already a pretty astonishing thing.

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@hjalfnar_hgv I’m pretty sure that total war added a few new units to at least the Vampire coast.

again read some of the deb blogs. GW gave them complete freedom to add new models as they saw fit. The Tau, Necron, Nid, and Dark Eldar, and I believe some of the mechnaicum are all new and prove that point, any further argument using your logic is not supported by the facts at best. Moreover this is a distraction from the real issues the game has such as promised features that don't exist.

@lucinator none of the Necron ships are new, there are the core five, the reaper which wasn’t a ship but an upgrade, and the Kopesh abd cartouche which are cannon ships added in later. And lack of variety is a core issue with the Necrons, as all there ships are essentially the same, but bigger/smaller.

@nemesor-xanxas Not that much, actually. There was an experimental vampire pirates army list as an White Dwarf release once. Sadly only in English as far as I know. I have definitely seen an WHFB vampire pirates army already around 10 years ago. So they had at least a basis to build upon.

@hjalfnar_hgv said in Beta 2 thoughts:

@nemesor-xanxas Not that much, actually. There was an experimental vampire pirates army list as an White Dwarf release once. Sadly only in English as far as I know. I have definitely seen an WHFB vampire pirates army already around 10 years ago. So they had at least a basis to build upon.

Not that much, but they definitely added in new units for it (They straight up made one of the Legendary Lords, several units and basically all the Regiments of Renown). They did the same with the Hierotitan in the Tomb Kings as well. There is leeway, provided you can demonstrate why it's being done.

As for the original topic, @Lucinator I agree basically top to bottom. Too many of the "unique" races play essentially like reskins of one another, and the lack of customization was a colossal step backwards - especially for a Warhammer title. For the former, I'd sooner they further separate out the factions rather than combine them:

  • Make the AdMech more powerful, but more expensive and worse morale.
  • Make the Corsairs even faster than the "usual" Eldar with bonuses to boarding.
  • Take away all auxiliaries from the Protector Tau fleet and boost their ships a little.

The customization issue I doubt Tindalos will ever fix. We sacrificed it for "multiplayer balance"... A balance which doesn't exist regardless of that loss.