Looking at the success of games like star wars empire at war and their strategic campaigns, battlefleet gothic armada 2 with its campaign mechanics show a similar potential of replayability, if given the right amount of content to play with. Even more so than just the PvP at the moment.
For example, alongside the current coop campaign there could be a PvP campaign and a sandbox type campaign be added whitch could incooperate the rest of the races.

It would be very [i] noice [/i] if the other races would be made playable in the campaign mode. They do not need to be as fleshed out story-wise as the three main campaigns, but rather be a sandbox experience built on the strategic campaign map structure that is already established. This would make for a perfect game mode to be played in single as well as multiplayer especially, since it would immensely increase the game`s replayability, because who woulden't like to play a good game like this in all its facets with a friend from time to time.

In my opinion this is a very good game over all, I especially like the domination game mode, since it made the weaker factions more competitive. An expanded campaign would just complement it perfectly.