Make the LMG worth using for anything other than corner camping

As a reddit user kindly showed, this is what it's time to fire an LMG with one hand:


I remember when they were fun to use back in closed beta. Sure, everyone wanted them, but it's usually limited to one per team. Now they're completely useless for anything but camping with a bipod.

This is neither realistic, nor fun.

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Agreed. They should cost all the supply points to use, the gunner shouldn't be rocking grenades and certainly not a sidearm and carriers without earning a few supply. However, the recoil needs reducing dramatically and the ADS time needs increasing a bit to represent weight.

I always thought it needed to have less vertical recoil but more horizontal recoil. ADS time should also be higher, just as @Whitby said. The thing is heavy, so raising it on the shoulder should feel like something the soldier has to put effort into. Even more so when their stamina is depleted.

Hello all,

Thanks for this suggestion! I'll pass it on to the team!

@chaton No, thank you for listening! Even if the suggestion isn't implemented, it's a great sign that someone in a position to consider it is listening 🙂