Ways to earn extra Supply points in PVP?

Hey all,

One feature I am missing that was incorporated into the INS2014 is the automatic extra supply point per extra round. This allowed me to experiment with different loadouts & tactics, and also to counter the other teams tactics more effectively. I propose that adding this feature back in would increase the fun and shelf life of the game for many.

I also really liked in DOI the ability to gain extra supply based on objective capturing and combined kills/injuries. The latter option might be too OP for Sandstorm, and it would reward Gunners, Demolitions, Commanders and Observers in an unbalanced way, but what do you all think about 1 extra SP for the first objective captured, and maybe toying with an extra SP for the first 5 enemies killed who are inside an objective, or shooting from within an objective. This last feature would provide more incentive for players to play the objective.


Gunners, Demolitions, Commanders and Observers are already rewarded in an unbalanced way, so I doubt people would take issue with that.