Do you remember the complaints about the only game mode in Starcraft 2 multiplayer? Me neither.

I think as it was not capture five random points but just "kill the enemies" there was no need to.

Fundamentally different games on the surface.

Dig deeper and you’ll see that Starcraft 2 has capture points. They are called resources/base locations.

Look at every SC2 map and you’ll notice the crescent shape of minerals and gas. You’ll also notice a bunch of them spread across the map.

Maybe you don’t consciously recognize them as capture points but that’s exactly what they are. Points you need to take and hold to earn resources. Same as Dawn of War 1/2 and Company of Heroes.

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It was also not having 2 base connected with 1 bridge so ppl turtle until they clash 200 pops of battlecrusier / carrier.