drukhari boarding pods OP

the drukhari light carrier with 3x strike craft per ship is extremely OP... 2 volleys to take down a space marine battlebarge with little counterplay option... should get a reduction in hangar quantity ==> 2 hangars per ship + reduction in the potency of all boarding strike craft

a similar nerf should occur to tyrannid and space marine boarding strike craft and boarding damage

put your big ships in clouds or steroids, then hunt enemy ships with stealth ships. its easy win since de carriers have almost no dps

thats never gonna happen with a 320 speed stealthed light carrier that can bring 9 hangar bays between all 3 ships...

its soo retardedly OP it can set adrift a space marine battlebarge in 2 volleys between 3 ships

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Imo the problem is that its impossible to do anything against carrier spam for most races unless they spam carriers too, not the boarding craft themselves.

I've noticed that strike craft lose their target and return back if the target ship becomes stealthed though, so all eldar and nids can sometimes counter this by boosting into the gas clouds, or by using boost+stealth stance. Also imperial navy and sm light cruisers can probably use all ahead full the f*** out of there with stealthy all ahead full skill if they notice which ship is targeted by the bobmers\boarders ahead of time (though i didn't try this myself yet). And necrons have teleport+stealth for light cruisers and pulse core for the rest.

Probably not worth it using anything other than light cruisers for imperial navy, sm and chaos until the devs fix this(unless you spam carriers yourself). Not sure about tau as i haven't played them much.

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the problem with LCs is that anything other than drukhari its essentially screwed lol

besides other than drukhari no other LC is this powerful... likewise other than this LC drukhari is mostly dealable

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