endless waves of npc and each wave gets harder and harder
opinions pliz

For community servers I guess it will be cool. Don't know about the regular ones... This will definitely expand a player base, but is it a right path for Insurgency? Maybe. Who knows. Maybe they should introduce a monthly events with different casual modes like this, deathmatches, gun games e.t.c.

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I'm not a fan of game modes that are impossible to win.

I like the idea.
Possible scenario: We've been tasked to retrieve/secure something valuable like nuclear missiles or whatever. But something goes terribly wrong and now we're trapped behind enemy lines, a constant flow of terrorists are invading and we must defend our position until backup arrives. Backup troops are 20 minutes away, we have limited ammo and the pressure is real.

That'd be so cool.

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Survival back in source wasn't impossible to win, it was difficult yes, but not impossible

Great idea, but I would not like to have this as an endless thing. Even If I like the current COOP, it's too focused on assault and I really wish we would have a game mode with a nice defendable position where we would have to defend something (like multiple caches for instance).

perfect so everyone wants at least 20 minutes of survival how CAN WE MAKE THE DEVS SEE THIS?

I have won it on Insurgency 2014. The waves stop at 100. You need a skilled and patient team though, and I have not succeded or even tried that hard on a night map..

Difficulty was also unforgiving and not brutal, because that would have been brutal.

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