Hello! This is my first post on the forums, so I apologise if this sub-forum isn't the right place for this kind of feedback.

While I have been enjoying the multiplayer mode considerably (despite the various balance issues), I'm one of the players who bought into BFG2 (and BFG1) primarily for the campaign. And right now my enjoyment of it has been rather spoilt by a few issues:

Repetitive Missions
The story missions are quite fun, mostly for the nice dialogue and decent AI. The rest of the missions are the opposite. Playing Domination over and over again gets stale really fast, especially when the AI likes to stand stationary on the points and let you ram them. The missions "quirks" like asteroid-bombardment are a little breath of fresh air, but still not enough to reduce the grind. I never thought I'd be missing Convoy from BFG1!

Related, the "Autoresolve" button would be much more useful if it had a percentage success chance next to it. Or at least a few words like "Strong Advantage: Attacker". As it currently stands I can't see anyone ever pressing it unless they had at least a 3:1 numerical advantage, because you're putting your life into the hands of unknown RNG.

Admiral Customisation
This is my big personal gripe. In BFG1 you could rename and re-portrait your Captains, which I used to name them after friends and family. This is a big thing in my gaming circle, and most often happens in games such as X-COM. It lets you tell personal tales about those under your command, get attached, record personal exploits, and mourn their deaths. Rather than just "Oh admiral #5 has died, better buy admiral #6".

Obviously, there are certain characters who play will play major (speaking) roles in the campaign who should be exempt. But this feels generally like a very easy change to implement, and would give players here for the narrative and who want to make fleets feel personal a real boost.

Thanks for listening to our feedback, and I look forward to trying the rest of the campaign when it drops!