Asking for one more QoL change (Minimap move command interaction)

Currently, when you select a ship and left click on the minimap, your ship is automatically unselected, which feels counter-intuitive to me.
I like to use the minimap often for ship movement, as goes by
select ship --> left click map ---> right click to move it
select ship ---> right click on the minimap for faster vague movement
both are currently not possible. I guess the first one would be easier to implement as it only requires left clicking the map doesn't delete previously selected ships to work.

I know, you guys have much to work these days, but I would really appreciate this improvement in the near future.

Also, would it be possible to be able to give the ships 1 unshiftable movement command in the deployment phase already?

Kind regards

+1 for all points. The way the minimap is interacting right now is quite counter-intuitive; I'm inclined to believe it's bugged somehow. In all RTS games, clicking the minimap does not count as clicking on empty terrain, and this is what allows you to use it effectively to issue long movement commands.

Being able to issue 1 single movement command in the deployment phase, like in BFGA1, would be great too. I wonder why was it removed, or is it a bug?

Agreed 100%. The ability to zoom further would be greatly appreciated too.

Agreed, ability to issue basic movement order over minimap is staple of strategy games.

Hello zharunash,

Thank you for your feedback, this is indeed a very useful feature we didn't put in the game. Yet.

We'll make this point a top priority to discuss for the next patch to come.


Hello Blexus!

Thanks for replying. This game's devs are great, keep up the good work!

Also! Volume Control for Cutscene's & A Map-Border!!! even with the Grid turned off! Playing Drukhari and hitting the edge of the map is really really Painful hehe