Tyranid point cost nerfs not the whole solution

Tyranids are just too good at basically everything, especially boarding, ramming, and morale damage. Their Psychic Scream technical skill (which needs a huge nerf by the way; 400 morale points in a 9000 km radius is simply ridiculous) and their Synaptic Relay perk make them a literal terror on the battlefield while being almost impossible to rout. While some point cost increases are needed, I don't think they should be increased by much, so as to preserve the whole massive numbers thing that Tyranids are known for.

I think with the tyranid fleet being so fleshed out we could easily spare a few ships and maybe a battleship or two to add to the Craftworld Eldar Fleet who really could use one, just a reskin mind those stats and abilities are nice! ; )

Half joking aside just upping the points on tyranids is a quick fix solution and doesn't address the problems integral to Boarding in this game. That should be addressed also other than just upping the points on ships.

A big problem in 2v2 is the lack of ships available to a player especially if they want to use large ships or battleships. Gameplay wise every player should be able to field at least 2 Battleships for EVERY faction (in a 2v2) matter the faction or a larger amount of smaller vessels. Battleships should be balanced by adjusting their stats, comparing DPS and HP and adjusting those stats together with speed according to a formula rather than quickly changing the points value of a ship so players get even less ships to play with.

1 battleship and a Heavy Cruiser (if your faction is lucky enough to even get a Battleship) is already a pitiful amount of ships to control for a game that aimed to have larger battles than its predecessor and by balancing Tyranids with a lazy points increase you are not addressing the real problems but merely taking toys away without addressing bad behaviour due to overpowered stats which are at the root of the problem.

We don't mind Tindalos taking some extra time to give us better balance through a stats rework and the idea of simply upping the points and calling it done I don't feel is the best way to handle the problems we currently have with Tyranids.

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Hi there!

Tyranid player here. I've been playing tyranids on both tabletop (40K, BFG) and video games (DOW2, BFGA:2) for as long as I can remember!

I have some helpful suggestions, and agree with the above posts (raising the points of the tyranid ships is not an elegant solution).

First off, some of the good things:
-the symbiotic swarm-shields. Great mechanic. Dealing passive damage up close (when active, and depending on 'shield' strength) as well as blocking weapons and damaging fighters. All this with the Trade-off that it does NOT block lightning strikes. Excellent all around, and feels very 'niddy'.
-Boarding: IMHO this is working as well as I could have hoped for. The tyranids really should excel here and the way they destroy ships is from the inside out. I like that you can 'hulk' ships and have the enemy re-crew them or, if need be, detonate the reactor. That adds a good amount of choice to a skillful player.
-Invisible start: Great. I love how the lore of tyranids (who do not use engines or warp) is shown here. The tyranid hive fleets often come upon systems with stealth and surprise. It could be tweaked a bit more (the psychic scream effect of tyranid hive-fleets is actually quite damaging to biological organisms).
-Synapse: obviously a must have. Although I disagree with the 'feral' nature, but more on that below.
-Giant claws: 1,000 times yes. A must have. Can also be improved a bit (more below).

Now, let's address some of the not-so-'niddy' things
-Boost. As much as I love being able to have a massive boost to turning speed and movement, this feels completely out of place. For a biological organism, it looks completely robotic or something out of a 90s arcade. There's no acceleration, no massive turn. I agree that nids need a little something to help them out, but as it is, the boost is just too much. Recommendation: Have the boost be more of a high acceleration and agility boost for the ships. Make it so the ships start slow and, as they wave their flagella tails, they increase their move speed by a great deal. Have it so it doesn't have to be a linear shot like an arrow, but allow them to curve and move through space (the faster they increase speed, the lower the turn rate they get). That way, if they are targeting an enemy vessel, they will actually 'hunt' after it and try to reach the deadly close-combat distance that all nids need.
-Fighters/bomber - ah. This is a touchy one for me. I like to win games (don't we all?). But for nids to hulk vessels from across the map seems a little much. I noticed that as time has moved forward, other players are getting better at defending against these types of attacks (stealth or fighters of their own etc), so it has gotten much much better. But in general, I firmly believe that nids need to be a close to medium range combatant. What can be done? Well, you could max the range of bomber. You can make it so these mycetic-spore type boarders are much easier to dispatch and kill (with turrets and fighters). Another extreme option would be to eliminate the boarding craft all together. As for damage from boarding, I firmly believe that things need to stay the same for tyranids to feel like themselves. But the range of the boarders it just a tad much.
-Boarding: as stated above, the damage needs to be high. Really high, to the point where the tyranids getting close to your vessels is a deathwish. I think, however, that even the boarding range is too much. I would personally make the boarding range decrease by half or more, but change it to 360degrees. Tyranids should almost have to be in contact with the enemy ship to disgorge their swarms onto the enemy vessel. In table top, there was a tactic called 'all hope is lost' or something. It basically allowed the enemy ship to detonate their reactor in a suicide attempt if they were grabbed by the tyranids in close combat. I think this should be something in this game as well 🙂
-feeding tendrils: awesome, I love it. I think that while you can have a passive bonus to the enemy loosing ship crew, the tendrils should also allow you to board the enemy ship at that range (this will offset the fact that boarding basically needs to be in close combat).
-Claws: I love them as they are, but I"d love to see an ability called 'latch' which allows the ship to basically grab onto the enemy and not let go. This would decrease the movement speed greatly of the enemy and allow the other tyranid forces to reach them. If latched, the enemy should have the option to detonate their engines and try to suicide both.
-Psychic scream. I love this. It fits. It's thematic. It's niddy. In this i sort of disagree with the OP...having said that, I'd be ok with eliminating the psychic scream ability but having the psychic scream ever present during the match as a passive. When a hive fleet comes, all astropaths go insane. Crew morale and planetary forces have feelings of dread. Fighting nids should be a morale battle as much as it is a close combat/boarding battle. I would have maybe a system where all crew morale of the enemy starts at 80% or 85% to reflect this.
-synaptic relay: this is something I agree with the OP on. It's not niddy enough. I think that every tyranid fleet must have a hive ship and that ship must be the synaptic weak-point for nids. After it is dead, they suffer the bad morale effects
-feral - this is something I want changed. Tyranids without synaptic leadership don't just retreat off the battlefield. They would have two types of 'basic-instincts'. Either they rush the enemy or lurk. I would love it if all feral tyranids simply no longer obey commands from the player and charge the nearest enemy ships. Lurk would be the 'retreat off the map' option, and maybe that happens if the tyranids see no other enemy ships (stealthed)
-After all is said and done, I would love to see tyranid ship cost REDUCED across the board! The trade off? Make all the tyranid ships a little weaker across the board (weapon damage, accuracy, and hp)! I want to feel like there is a tyranid swarm, not a tactical tyranid elite force.

These are some of my 2 cents. I love this game and I love playing it! Keep up the good work and I hope the devs read this for some inspiration.

One last thought:
Tyranids are said to be 'without number' in the fluff and lore. In some games, they represent this pretty well, with a seemingly never-ending tide of ships to combat.

Implementing this in BFG2 could be like so:
-escort ships become significantly weaker. Decrease their Hp and damage. Each time an escort ship dies, another one comes in off the tyranid edge of the map. Would that be OP? Not if the enemy still gets victory points for killing tyranid ships. This would allow tyranid players to think about bringing escorts more often as well as give the opponents ample opportunity to score more kills on lighter tyranid vessels (while giving the endless swarm the 'feel' it needs). This ability would of course be negated once the Hive ship(s) have been neutralized.