How do you undo the follow ship action?

Sometimes I accidentally click on one of my allied ships while directing another to move. This triggers the follow command which is useful in some situations but I can't seem to undo it. Anyone know how?

Pretty sure it’s a bug. I wasn’t able to undo it either an a conga line of ships is irritating as hell

select only the ship
not a group select
and right click somewhere
anywhere thats not on a ship
cant unfollow while group moving
if this doesnt fix its a bug that i havnt seen yet
maybe try cancel commands, the x button next to the warp out button

Ctrl+A to select all ships and then cancel command. That seems to work for me.

It's an awful bug regardless 😞

Hello folks,

When you have selected ships, you can right-click on another ship or use the button to activate the follow formation. To deactivate it, you need to either Ctrl + A or select the following ships and right-click elsewhere to give another order and break the follow command.

However, if you encounter an issue to disable this command, please let us know and tell us exactly what you did.