Please take into consideration my friend's words

No one's going to watch & listen to some video rant of over 20 minutes. If you want something, you need to be specific, concise, relevant and put it in writing. Then you may have a chance that the suggestion gets across & the devs hear it.

@a-slice-of-pizza Sounds to me like a 15 year old complaining about the game. Even if the guy has some decent points it's worthless because of how much ignorance is going on here. American Wilds "graphics" LAWL...... All that the USA mutator does is change to a different lighting xml and replace a couple textures with "american" ones. He doesn't even know the amount of Ram this game can use. This game by default will only use 2 gigs of ram without modifications. He complains about graphics and drives around the worst mods possible. I actually think this game has great graphics considering what hardware can run the game nicely.

Pick mods and maps that don't suck and maybe stuff won't look bad.

After watching the whole video I learned that this dude doesn't know very much about anything EXCEPT what other people have been whining about since the game launched.

Waste of time posting this here, but at least it was entertaining to see this guy talk about a bunch of stuff he doesn't know about. lol.

@RoughRider I made this video because I wanted to get a few points out. i'm not the smartest person alive by any means video shows it lol. (i mean fuck i don't know what my IQ is). in response to your comment.soon will be doing my research i'm sorry i wasted your and everyone else's time. well from now on i will make a script before i create a new video trying to get shit out to people. i will look into all of how mudrunner functions as a game.oh by the way its my senior year of high school just to give you an idea of how young dumb and full of shit i am. anyway thank you i will take all said by you as advice.

damn, i could always use a good laugh.. why did you delete the vid? from what it sounds like it would of made a good episode of "The World's Dumbest Modders"..

@rufus @bleechsnak3 I mean, not everything you said was false. But you can't get people to listen by being a brat. wheel/Tire selection needs to come back, there definitely does need to be a 64 bit game option, and you're right. Modders keep this game going. That's why I am one. And i respect the game. People really complained about these three things SO much in the first few weeks of the game launch and they are valid concerns, but the way people try to make focus and saber sound like the bad guys is not the way to be.

Trash talking gets absolutely nothing done.

Without going to 64bit straight, they could add an option to launch with Large Address Aware flag wich is really basic even Autodesk used that trick on some of there CAD software to circumvent that same problem we are facing right now.
Sure you still have to be carefull to not throw 10 to 15 mods plus a map.