Competitive technical issues

I have issues in competitive. I experienced these issues in the beta and now for the first time in the current version. But it is also the first time I tried playing comp since the release.

I finish a (placing) match and when the round is over I get a the following message after it says submitting end result:

Kicked from the game: Server shutting down.

I failed to make a screenshot of this and so the message could be slightly different. It also appears that the placing match did not count at all. In the menu the numbers of played placing matches is unchanged (4/10). While I am sure I did not play 10/10 after the reset. I am quite sure it should be more than 4/10. Also I know that it was 4/10 before I just played a match and after I got the kicked message it still said 4/10.

Sometimes I also get a ranked icon displayed in my menus when the game is submitting match result (in versus). Gold Icon with three stars. I guess this equals the rank Gold 3? This is pretty confusing.

Am I "stuck" in placing matches until whatever is causing this is fixed?
Am I actually already ranked and it is just a display failure?

Anyone else has this or a similar issue?

Bumping for awareness

Hello @MeFirst,

Thanks for pointing this out. I'll pass this issue along to the team!