Suggestion for editing/changing fleets in the campaign

Howdy! First of all I just want to say that I think you have done a great job with the game so far! Loving the new strategic map and everything we can do.

Now, I have noticed most of the issues that other players have, but I just wanted to voice my thoughts on assigning your Flagship and switching out your ships for others in a campaign...

As it stands, I need to scuttle my ships and build new ones at full price in order to upgrade/increase my fleets. This is kinda annoying in the sense that we are scuttling experianced ships for rookie ones in a time of war... I believe that we should have the option to put any ship we don't want to scuttle in a reserve pool that any of our fleets can choose from. Obviously we wouldn't get any money back, but we wouldn't lose say a lvl 4 cruiser just to get a lvl 1 cruiser that has a different armament.

This also comes back to my flagship... In the campaign, by the time we can build cruisers, our flagship should be around lvl 3 or 4. Now I cannot change my flagship say for a dictator unless I scuttle almost my entire fleet, then I'd have to buy it all back, or I'd have to switch my flagship to a light cruiser in order to scuttle my experienced and valuable ship just to get a ship with a different armament (but better than a Luna...) and no experience... either way this is a huge investment, one that takes a huge amount of turns to amass. Maybe in this case we can swap a ship of the same class for another one at a discount? For example, change the Lunar ship for a Dictator for the cost difference between them? Or send the Lunar to the reserve pool and get the Dictator without having to scuttle my light cruiser/s and escorts...

In the end, what I'd like to see is a more efficient way to change flagships/ships in a fleet without our only option being to scuttle everything.

I agree that there should be a smoother way of switching out flagships for higher tiers as the game progresses. LC flagships are necessary early on but it would be nice to keep the captain/XP but upgrade to a BC or BS. At the moment you have to essentially kill them off late-game and replace with rookies.

EDIT: I just found other posts where the option to promote admirals to other ships in his fleet. It is an Fleet Viewer page with option boxes along the left side. This is something I would not have learned in-game.

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I think if you put your ships into a "reserve" pool rather than only being able to scuttle them that would be good, i would have limitations on it though like, you pick a ship, select the reserve option, and then choose a space station/system to send it to, once there any other fleet that is also in that system can re-recruit that ship. This way you can swap out ships as needed to other fleets while at the same time making sure you cant abuse the system by having spire rush to the objectives and keep taking fresh ships from the reserves.

Theres also something that NEEDS to be done about fleet management in the pre battle screen,

For example i go around with a battle group consisting of 2 captains, with exactly enough between them to fill out the max leadership points, however if i add extra ships to have some reserves in case one is lost or damaged, then the computer randomly decides which ships go on first. You dont get any control over which ships will be deployed at the start if you have higher than the leadership cap.
I would like to see an option in the prebattle screen where you can build your starting fleet from what you have in the battlegroup so you can make sure you get the ships you want at the start, and also an "auto fill" option, in case you cba selecting from your ships because it isnt a particularly big enemy fleet, or if your combined battlegroup is under the limit so everyone would get on at the start anyway.

An example of what i mean is where i have my fleet, around 9 cruisers split between 2 captains, and an escort. I only want one escort to scout out for me at the start, however that escort almost always dies during the battle. So in order to not have to go back to a shipyard to replace the escort every time, i have like 5 escorts to fill the remaining points so i have spares, but then when i start a battle instead of having 6-7 cruisers and one escort like i want, i get like 5 cruisers and all the escorts at once.. I dont know why we dont have a say in what we deploy first but hopefully it gets addressed soon

If you move the admiral picture up or down before you launch the battle it sets the order of reinforcement