thanks, enjoyed the game

Just wanted to fanboy, am in medicine myself so alot of the ideas resonated. You never absolutely needed to kill and many times you met people you'd rather not help but in keeping to the Hippocratic oath you serve people heheheh found some of the quips quite realistic particularly when you give the landlord in whitechapel medicine.

The Hospital was marvellous in its dissection of how many times in the professional setting some things are swept under the rug because the hospital simply wont be able to function without certain key people, its a real issue i've heard of and once seen myself where egregious errors are hidden because of fear of reprisal.

The soundtrack is simply phenomenal, first time i've purchased an OST from a game, conveys weighty emotion without being overblown or following lazy tropes. Its dark yet contemplative, self reflective makes you wonder if you made the right choices, check with others what they chose.

the combat was serviceable, it was nice to have the option of respecing freely but mostly went with a 2 hander with stun most of the game since it was the safest approach. The dialogue was really well done, some of the most well thought out characters i've seen in video games. It was quite a tight rope the devs had, appeasing the character, narrative fans who prefer an easier experience and the more combat oriented crowd.

Hope to see a sequel, ofcourse the shameless wishlist plug comes here. I'm happy with the size of the world, just add some more alternative routes for different styles of play like a non combat, stealth or give pacifist options like knocking out. Character facial animations could use some work and would probably mean fewer interactable characters but I'm sure more investigation options might make up for it like physical exam, treatment options or environmental puzzles. Giving weapons a more distinct feel would be nice another consideration could be just alternative approaches to situations like cutting the lights etc, or just go the sherlock holmes route cut combat and make investigation the major focus with branching endings. Many thanks!

Hi @atticuselder
We're very glad you liked the game, and that you appreciated a lot of these details. Unfortunately, I can't comment on whether there are any future plans, but your feedback is much appreciated!

Have a great day! 🙂

sweet now how about you patch all the bugs in it. shouldn't be too hard

Would like to see a continuation, ofcourse the improper list of things to get plug comes here. I'm content with the size of the world, simply include some more elective courses for various styles of play like a non battle, secrecy or give conservative alternatives like taking out. vpn deals 2020

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