Perhaps some people might already know me for my will to increase the realism of mud grip (ease to get stuck in mud depending on conditions) as well as vehicles behavior since Spintires "1" came up.

What I have modified within the media.rar file is as follows:

  1. Adjusted all the vehicles top speed by re-adjusting each gear's ratio for the resultant angular velocity of the wheels and the maximum torque generated by the engine. Because the game simulates an exaggerated (I am unable to control this by any means as needed) braking or friction force along each vehicle's longitudinal axis which tends to decrease their speed very rapidly once you stop accelerating, I was forced to input a very high (found by trial and error to not be too great though) engine torque value simply because even between shifting the gears up (in auto gears), the speed drops so great that the engine doesn't have enough power to hold the new gear. I have no idea if this incredible longitudinal friction can be reduced so that we can have the trucks/vehicles drive by inertia (just like in reality) when the gear is in neutral (even if left in any gear, the rapid deceleration is the same, which proves that the game isn't simulating an engine braking anyway). This abnormal friction is only longitudinal, because if you somehow slide with any vehicle, the lateral grip seems rather realistic.

  2. Adjusted the mud input data so that the grip in mud is quite realistic. No more crawling like a mole through the mud when normally you should get completely stuck. By real tests on an all wheels drive vehicle, even driving through lightly moisturized mud in a horizontal plane (no elevation) and if all your wheels have sunk in that kind of mud for over about 80% of the tires radius (40% tire diameter), the wheels remain stuck/unable to "climb over" the mud.

Here are the values which correct the mud grip to be more realistic:


For the trucks the list of values is relatively great to be put here in text.

I have uploaded a zip archive which contains all these modifications done by myself with passion through many hours of testing:


All that must be done is to extract this archive somewhere (even in the game's main folder if desired) and then introduce/add and overwrite these files within the "media.zip" file that is found in the game's main folder.
My only wish here is that "Focus" or "Oovee" would make these modifications a default (or re-correct those values themselves as they know better while maintaining a realistic mud grip and vehicles top speeds) for our game so everyone could have them and be able to play together! For short, everyone who bought this incredible game to be able to have the same increased fun and realistic feeling.

Regards and cheers,

P.S.: Sorry I had to re-modify the mud grip values (Pushresistance from 28 to 52 and Substancefriction from 1.0 to 0.35), because those initial ones were accurate only in some conditions that I have tested using the Providing Grounds scenario (there is some mud near the water next to the swamp spawn point which has a very low grip which was the only place I used for validation), conditions of very low grip mud which I couldn't find on the actual maps available. So now I had to re-work the values after more testing on our actual maps deep mud. Only now you can possibly get stuck on every map if you dug in deep enough in mud. Enjoy!

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