Is Reload stance bugged for Necrons?

I have been wondering whether the Reload stance might be bugged for the Necrons. According to the tooltip, its effects include a significant reduction in the cooldown of both Intertialess Drive and weapons... but even when using this stance, they both still feel tremendously sluggish when compared to other factions.

I use this stance by default (I set it before pressing Ready at the start of a match), and I rarely change it during the match because I feel it's a must. It's not that other stances might not be interesting to use, but it really does feel like the cooldowns of those 2 things are so gigantic that not using Reload is like imposing a huge handicap on myself (on top of other difficulties the faction already has right now).

But, even when the Reload stance is active, they still feel way too sluggish. So I see it as 2 possible situations: either it is bugged, or working as intended. Neither paint a favorable situation for the Necrons.

  • If it's bugged then it can be fixed, but will still feel like a must-pick, which removes the tactical options that stances are supposed to give (if you absolutely need one particular stance to be able to compete, then there's no choice).

  • If it is working as intended, then those cooldowns are naturally even longer than I've experienced, which also removes the choice of stance (these cooldowns are barely viable with the current Reload, having them being even higher under other stances gives no reason to use those stances at all).

Whatever the case, those two cooldowns feel too large and in my opinion they're some of the most important handicaps of the Necron faction right now, and one of the reasons they're so low in the tier list. Having an inbuilt teleport in all ships is nice, but that being the only propulsion ability (that also, despite the tooltip, does not allow you to choose the orientation of the ship when it reappears; is that a bug too?) and with such a long cooldown in ships that are naturally so slow to move and turn does not feel enough at all. Having all weapons with 100% accuracy, fairly good volley damage and 270ยบ is nice too, but not when they shoot once every solar eclipse. I believe both cooldowns should be reduced; not necesarily by much (we don't want them to go from UP to OP), but maybe a 10-20% reduction in all these cooldowns would make a long way to help the faction without breaking it in the other direction.

As far as I know, reload currently doesn't affect weapon rate of fire for any faction. It works as intended on inertialess drive though. The base cooldown is 90 seconds and with reload it becomes something like 60-70. I agree that the teleport cooldown is too long.

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Hey @Necroledo

I can confirm that the Necrons Reload Stance is currently bugged, and that this has already been fixed for the next update. ๐Ÿ™‚ It's also good to know that the tooltip text for inertialess drive is confusing. I've passed this on to the team, who will take a look at it. Thanks!

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@jellyfoosh Was /Is it bugged for all races or just not showing up in the weapons tooltip ?

@jellyfoosh So the inability to change the ship orientation after the teleport is intended?
Anyway there a couple of other abilities that I think that are bugged and i wish to report them:

  • Spirit stone targeting node doesn't work (craftworld and corsairs)
  • Blessing of Vaul doesn't show any effects (all eldar)
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@aram_thehead That's right. Thanks, we are aware of these two issues as well.

@jellyfoosh Thank you! It is good to know that it will be fixed. Glad to help!

Since we're talking bugged tooltips, there are 2 more I can recall right now:

  • I've seen some weapons icons (at least for the Necrons) that seem to be bugged as well when in a match (not in the Fleet Creator): the icon is white instead of showing the symbol of the weapon, and its name is something similar to "ITEM_NOT_FOUND".

  • Also, last time I tried the Lictor upgrade for Tyranids, the tooltip for that Lightning Strike had no title when in a match (as in, the space reserved for the title was blank).

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Thanks a bunch @Necroledo, these are now reported.