Crash when laptop put into hibernate

Happens every time, so the steps are very easily repeatable; Start game. Play game for a bit. Put laptop into Hibernate or Sleep. Start Laptop again later. Game is crashed.

Gives the error:
The UE4-BattlefleetGothic2 Game has crashed and will close

Crash report attached.

0_1548150870997_BFGA2 Crash.rar

This is a particularly annoying bug as there isn't an option to save in the middle of a campaign battle, so if I need to step away suddenly my only option is to quit out and loose progress.

Hi @Beeswing
Thanks for reporting this, and providing a crash report, it helps a lot! We will investigate the issue.

UPDATE: This will be fixed after launch (so after Thursday), but I can't say exactly how soon after.

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