Seriously, dont let this game get review bombed

the amount of bugs and crashes that occur in the game`s current state will inevitably cause a review bomb which will destroy this games playerbase and potential... please keep it in open beta and simply release a new patch on the 24th


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shameless bump... and focus take note at the number of likeminded individuals

and take note of how many games have fallen due to a botched release

I don't really agree with your statement. Well, I partially agree, but what I desire to see, is a clear line towards new features and updates once it has been released.
I think the game's state is fine for what it is, some balancing issues withstanding, but a lot of that is being dealt with. I've rarely encountered a bug that was really game breaking, but I also know that those are being looked at before release.

From what alpha testers said in various forums, the campaign is a lot more engaging and expansive beyond that first sector, which is more of an easy tutorial sector. I don't think that's perfect, but I do think that if it's as good as some have said, that the campaign alone can carry this game really far, being able to co-op it.

And then, though the multiplayer is a little lackluster, the developers have said they're working on expanding it, give more options and I hope, for the longevity of the game, that they have a planned series of new features, modes and settings to keep the multiplayer engaging, fresh.

I hope so anyways.

In my experience, I have yet to have single crash.

Biggest gripe for me was the 1 mission type... game needs variety. Fleet management and buying new ships in the campaign could be better, but hopefully it will get improved in the future. Also would love more fleet points! at least 1500 would be ideal...

Besides that, I am immensely enjoying the game and can't wait to sink my teeth into the campaigns.

Only had 1 game where it was stuck on the "waiting for other player" screen, which could have been an issue at their end. No crashes at all here.

And here I am, stuck with not connected error. I cannot play the game in multiplayer. And you are saying I should not vote against the game.

I've tried to reach out the helpdesk for this game. you know what was their answer after I asked for an update AFTER I uploaded MSINFO32 the way they wanted? it was literally a copy-paste of the previous request to provide MSINFO32.

So far I've spent 8 hours on this game- 7 fixing it, 1 hour playing it. There's a thread I've posted not a long time ago stating everything I've managed to do.

So no, I will try to warn people what they are stepping into, I'm sorry.

ive had many good games in multiplayer to be honest... but at the very least we must acknowledge that the game needs a bit more time in the oven else it faces another bombing run... this we do not want to happen

the main solution is to simply keep the game in open beta instead of releasing and showing continued support into an eventual release when the time is right

I have experienced the odd problem, especially on my lower end system, but the game runs fine most of the times. On my high end laptop the game has never crashed and even loading up the fleet roster is fast.

I am afraid the older the system you are using to run the game, the more glitches and problems you run into.

Have you reported your crash dumps on the tech forum/support email? This is how to do it:

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