ok the system with the 5 random circles for capture is very problematic. i cant even remember how many times i lost vs a kitting dark eldar fleet tonight alone. you cant catch them cant see them and they wreck you from affar and win by points. in 2 games 2 v2 i dint lose a single ship but we lost on points . this has to be fixed what is the point of running around for ten mins and doing litterally nothing? before some onepoints "use escorts etc" , first i did, second the dark eldar can teleport the hell away and or kill you escorts before you are even close to hit him. and remember when you matchmake you DONT KNOW what you will find against you, while the eldar players where playing the same thing over and over, one big capital and chaff in 2v2s. untill something is done about it or extra modes are implemented i cant find myself to play this anymore.