First of all, sorry but I am not a very technical user but I will do my best.

In multiplayer I select Dark Angels, the 2 bomb upgrades, null asteroid damage and 1 other (sorry I forget, but it happens regardless of upgrades anyway), go to custom fleet and then add The flagship. At any point after that, but before completing a loadout (taking about 60-90 seconds) everything will freeze. I can press the Win key on my keyboard to show the task bar only and use the desktop mouse on this bar, but clicking on anything does nothing.

This has happened everytime I have tried to play as DA (about 12 times in all).

I have foloowed the advice in the 'How to report a bug or a crash' thread, but the crash is not producing a report. This may be becuase I have to restart my computer for it to be usable again.

If you require any help reprodcing this crash however then let me know and I will help however I can.