(Priority) Transfer ships between fleet in Campaign


Transfering ships between fleets really needs to be a thing. It seems ludicrously wasteful to scrap ships whenever you want to upgrade to a larger tonnage. Just unlocked battleship and want to run it? Oh you need to scrap your cruisers to do that!

This is extremely unimmersive and really needs to be sorted for Thursday already. The Imperium can't afford to just outright waste precious ships like that. These are the guys who go out to find destroyed hulls in order to reconstruct the ships since it's such a huge financial endeavor to build a new one. Just scrapping ships like you're some kind of billionaire feels off. And your old experienced crews should be able to do good withing Another fleet.

This should be a top priority for you to sort before the launch on friday. Especially if you want us to play with the urgency timer on lol. Cause if you don't sort this here I'm just gonna Turtle my resources back when you finally release the removal of it.

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I have no idea how the heck anyone thought to leave something like this out. Reorganizing military formations is one of the basics of strategy. I have no incentive to experiment around with new kinds of ships if I have to explode the ships I already in order to use them.

Joined the forum just to agree with this. This is crazy that you have to scrap good ships for nothing instead of just tossing them into a new fleet! I don't want to destroy an old ship to make a new one, I want an old fleet of good ships to guard some place and make my primary fleet (or whichever) stronger. No need to destroy something anywhere!

Yep, kind of a big deal

This is not getting enough press. Three months and several updates later, this is still not a thing. They officially made coop campaign a thing, but have yet to touch on this issue as far as I know...

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