First of all i want to point out that matchmaking became way better. Very little amount of crashes. But I was very unhappy to discover that Eldar Wraithbone Shift and Torpedoes abilities can very often bug out. For example: my ships want identified and after 1-st Shift (not nesessarily 1-st sometimes in the middle of game) it just wont work tho engines were not even damaged. Hell, my ships werent even hit once! Same goes for torpedoes. While i heard that torpedoes bug occured in other factions too, imagine how it is to play Craftworld Eldar with those 2 bugs at the same time, when you built your fleet around torpedo ships. Personally I'd rather wait for 3 more month and test another 3 betas, then get unfinished game, cause game is obviously not finished. Thats my opinion, didnt want to offend anyone.

Hello @Endor,

We're sorry that you're experiencing these issues. They have been forwarded to the team!

@chaton Thanks for the attention. I'm not game tester and missed alot of stuff that can be improved. But I'm fan of BFG 1 and I look forward to help improve a sequel by any feedback. Still my point stands: either miracle happens or full release should be delayed because there are bit too many issues that can not be fixed in just few days. Actually I was happy when i heard news of 1-st delay, because I seen a dedication to release finished product. Dont get me wrong, you guys made very bold move by making 1-st videogame in Gathering Storm setting, 12-th Black Crusade from original felt awesome aswell. That's why i want this game successed and it's multiplayer base grow, not drop.