Small Changes to Boarding

At this stage in the game's development it's not reasonable that we will get more than tweaks to the mechanics of the game. As such; What do you guys think would be some small, works within the system, changes they could make to make improve the boarding experience?
I for instance feel that boarders should be incentivized to not hulk ships except as a last resort. Scuttling a ship and recrewing are decent counterplay to hulking, but it is presently way too easy to hulk a lot of ships easily (looking at you Tyranid). In that light, I think a good change to boarding would be to up the number of troops on all ships by about 1.2 to 1.25 times. To compensate though, the losses you hit at yellow and red troop counts should be harsher. I think leave the crits to the ship the same but increase the % penalties to the ship. Right now it sits at 10 and 20 (yellow, red), I purpose making it sit at 20 and 40. This would make getting a ship to red desirable but, the increased troop count and limited charges mean your not going to want to spend too many resources on a single ship.

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Add to Brace for impact, a troops loss reduction versus boarding.

“Brace for Impact! Standby to repel boarders! The Emperor protects”

One other option would be to make attacking with troops take away troop value from your own ship. Make it more of a risk vs reward system.

@romeo An interesting idea, but I think the difference between the best boarders and the average boarders needs to be reduced. Imperials do 6-12 troop damage, Orks should probably do more like 10-12, instead of a flat 12, and Tyranid should probably do more like 10-14, instead of a flat 18.

I like the idea of a little more variation as it would reflect the relative success or failure of a boarding action.

Overall it seems odd that boarding could ever completely empty out a ship without a large investment. Don't these ships have hundreds of thousands of crew? Some of the larger ships are 8-12 km long. Boarding would be a surgical strike to detonate a bomb, or disable a shield.

Some ideas

  • Boarding does hull damage to reflect sabotage that collapses bulkheads.
  • Boarding inflicts crew damage which hampers effectiveness of ship (as it functions now)
  • Boarding disables a critical system or weapon battery.

They were definitely on the right path with boarding for creating interesting game interactions, unfortunately the risk/reward is way out of control balance wise.

Increasing Troop sizes and the effects of hitting yellow/red troop levels, would be a fairly easy way to resolve some of the headache of balancing. (Adversely this would also make morale a far more important factor)

Perhaps also extending out the levels of troop damage a ship can take would also be useful for prolonging fleet combat without overly damaging factions that rely heavily on boarding actions (Orks/Astartes/Nids)

Or each troop level loss causes a critical action before dropping to the next level to delay the impact of heavy boarding actions.

Theres so many ways they could fix the imbalance but perhaps not under their time restraints.

Remove hulking or increase troop numbers by 2 or more. Also allow counter boarding from ally ships as reinforcements..Before the hulking happens...