Rocket Barrage bug

Once in a while the Rocket Barrage will simply fail to deploy. It will be called in and be confirmed, you'll hear the rockets being fired in the distance but they never arrive. I have no idea what causes it but it is super annoying to have your most powerful ordinance bug out, often.

Hi @Xiddy
Thanks for reporting this, it has been forwarded to the dev team!

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I even get the Artillery guy on the other end of the radio confirming the non-existant impact of the rockets right after the swooshing of the rockets ended, he says something like "That was a big explosion, huh?".

BUMP.. Can absolutely confirm this happens. More than a few times for me. Will admit kind of funny when I call out “Rockets danger close on B” and see teammates react and no rockets ever show up to which I then apologize.. Lol.

Hey everyone !
Got some news from the team for you. It is an intentional design choice, when fire support will not land in restricted area (such as spawn areas), in order to avoid spawn killing and such.

@raibi This is fair but this also happens when not sending rockets into a restricted area. Also if by mistake I did send them into such an area why then confirm the barrage and make all the appropriate sounds of rockets being fired into the air but no aftermath such as landing and explosions etc.. Just tossing that out there!

@raibi On that note why are some Rocket Barrages and Explosive Artillery shorter in duration than others?