in BFGA1 chaos AI was (and still is) trying to stay at range combining silent running with augur jamming thus creating a different type of opponent, especially when you compare them with orcs who rush in close range for boarding action and rams.

chaos ships were also faster than imperial so you have to detect them catch them or use concealment to make them get close to detect you etc.

but with this new game mode AI is now have to capture points aswell and to do so a ship must stay inside a small circular area free of opposing ships. if there is no enemy the ship will stay in that area until the capping process is finished, if there the cap is contested the AI ship will stay there forever. in the campaign you can just line up torp static chaos cruisers in caps.

So imagine eldar cruiser with 0 speed for almost a minute inside a small position that you can see the map

and the AI also kinda ignores you. caps are everything for it.

tl;dr: CAP system (the new game mode) might be good/necessary for MP but i think it might be terrible for SP because of the limitations of the AI