Hello, I've already given my feedback about the campaign in the following post https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/34739/my-feedback-about-the-campaigns/2

In this post I'm gonna add some more things that I've noticed:


  • the game freezes in the fleet and ship selection screen for no apparent reason
  • It would be nice if we could see the fighters, bombers and assault boats stats in the ship selection screen. Maybe another yellow icon that says "superior fighters" for Eldar ships or something like that would do the trick.

Craftworld Eldar

  • Spirit stone targeting node doesn't work
  • Blessing of Vaul doesn't show any effects
  • Wraithbone reinforcements gives only 75 armour. If the goal of this ability is to temporarily give the eldar the same frontal armour of tanky factions, then the ability should give 83 armour instead of 75.
  • I think that the phoenix ship is overpriced. 420 points for a battle cruiser is too much, that's battleship price range. Is the phoenix ship really supposed to compete with a drukhari falling moon or with 2 ork dreadnaughts?
  • speaking of the ork battleship: even the moonray wraithship costs the same and it is a light cruiser with a single launch bay and a couple guns.

Eldar corsairs (I've not played them much, so maybe other's people feedback might be better than mine)

  • same abiltiy and upgrade issues of the craftworld.
  • overpriced across the board in my opinion, especially the batlleship.


  • same abiltiy and upgrade issues of the craftworld.
  • The price of their cruisers is too high too. The cost difference between a cruiser and a battleship is below below 30 points in some cases. Is the playstyle of Drukhari supposed to be battleship focused?

there are many posts about them so I won't say much here: they need some love. Briefly: less cooldown on teleports, more damage output and a way to mitigate the weakness of being shieldless. Also: they are the only faction without a way to raise morale.

  • Personally I would like to see all their weaponry pierce shields, this way their enemies would be shieldless just like them and it would be a fair fight. (The lightning strike might need to be reworked though, because this way the opponent would always have a working shield)

Space Marines
They currently have one only playstyle which I personally love but many people find annoying. I think that to change this, they should be given more options. The Battle Barge is not a viable option now in my opinion. In BFGA1 it cost a little more than 300 and it was way better than it is now. The mark 1 needs its insane critical chances back (its bombardment cannons could go as high as 67- 75% if i remmeber correctly) or a serious discount.


  • In my opinion lances are too weak. Sure they have range and accuracy, but they take too long to destroy anything.
  • the despolier's "double flight deck" of the heavy launch bays doesn't work. I tried to count the number of fighters and only 5 squadrons of 6 fighters each come out of the ship. The description suggest that 2 squadrons should be of 6 fighters and 3 should be of 12 fighters.
  • The slaughter and the retaliator have the same weapons, but the retaliator has a double number of attacks. I can understand it since the retaliator is 2 classes bigger than the slaughter, but the weapon name has to be changed in my opinion.
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